30 Day Money Back Guarantee
& Automatic Shipping Details

Our 30 Day Ironclad Guarantee:

guarantee1. Our Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return it postmarked within 30 days for a no questions asked refund on your first order only. This refund does not include your shipping charges to send the product back to us.

2. If you are wondering why there is only a 30 day money back guarantee on our 3 month orders of Tikva, here is the reason: Though it rarely happens, your system may be ultra sensitive and you may not be able to handle the high level of the 38 nutrients. All of this will be apparent well within the 30 days if it happens at all.

Thus, no matter what size order you make, if you are not satisfied for any reason, return it within 30 days and you will receive a no questions asked refund. Only 1 bag / bottle of the item you would like to return can be open to qualify for the 30 day money back guarantee. This refund does not include shipping charges.


Automatic Shipping Details

By choosing the Auto Ship Program:

You will receive the discounted automatic shipment pricing, as long as you stay on the auto ship program, which works as follows:

Our system calculates when you should be running out of your supply of Tikva. Two weeks before your supply runs out you will receive an email telling you we intend to ship you more and the date when we will do so. If you are not ready for more yet, just email or call us and tell us when to push your next shipment date back to. As long as you stay in this Auto Ship program you will continue receiving the FREE shipping on your Tikva orders. When ordering please use an e-mail address that you check regularly.

By Clicking the No Auto Ship Program:

You understand that you will have to reorder manually by either calling the company directly or ordering online. You further understand that you will not receive discount pricing on Tikva orders.

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