Quick Relief from
Anxiety and Stress Naturally

anxiety stressAnxiety and stress induced high blood pressure is an issue that we have discussed with many of our customers. If your blood pressure is stubbornly higher than it should be, it could be stress or anxiety.

When you were in elementary school and had to read a paper you had written in front of the class, most of us get freaked out! Your stress level was so high that it caused the muscles in your arteries to tense which caused them to squeeze the artery. This squeezing caused the artery to be narrower and your feet and hands became freezing. Remember?

natural stress relief bottleWell today we are all under constant stress, some of us more than others. By relieving your stress and relaxing your muscles, you thereby relax their hold on your arteries. This allows your arteries to dilate properly assuming everything else is working as it should be in your arterial system.

We advise our customers who are high stress, or that have white coat syndrome to take these two supplements and most have had great success. We recommend 200 – 400mgs of Sun-Theanine (200mg is found in Tikva.) and 600 mg of lemon balm which can be found in any decent health food store or online.

There is also a great formula called natural stress relief which has both of these ingredients in it. You can learn more about the natural stress relief at www.medicalpublications.org/natural-stress-relief/

Lemon Balm (Melissa officianalis) Studies

Daily stress and anxiety are contributing factors to heart disease, diabetes, ability to keep our thoughts straight and an overall sense of well-being.

There are medications that can be taken to help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but they come with many side effects.

natural stress relief lemon balmFortunately, there are natural alternatives which have been shown to be as effective as the medications.

Lemon balm has been shown to relieve anxiety, promote sleep and calm nervousness, but since it is natural and can not be patented by the pharmaceutical companies. most people do not know about it.

In a recent study, lemon balm extract was shown to have the ability to bind receptors that reduce anxiety and trigger relaxation

In a 2004 study, 16 volunteers took lozenges containing lemon balm and an several herbs or a placebo. Their brain waves were monitored and the group that took the lozenges showed an increase in brain waves associated with relaxation and attention.

So unlike the medications for stress which make you tired, the lemon balm relaxes you, but keeps your ability to think clear.

In another study with 18 healthy volunteers, they took either 300mg or 600mg of lemon balm or a placebo. They were then put through a stress-simulation test. Both the 600mg and 300 mg group had improved calmness and alertness with the 600 mg group performing the best. Both groups significantly increased how quickly they could perform math problems.

In a recent double blind placebo controlled study, twenty volunteers that had anxiety and sleep problems were given 300 mg of lemon balm extract twice a day. After 15 days, the group that took the lemon balm, reported a 49% reduction in anxiety and a 39% reduction in insomnia. The group that received the placebo experienced no change.

Improving Attention and learning

memoryIn a study with 20 healthy volunteers, taking 300, 600 or 900 mg of lemon balm, there was a sustained improvement starting at 600 mg in attention accuracy, calmness and a significant reduction in memory problems.

In a similar study, with dosages of 600, 1000 or 1600 mg, cognitive performance was measured and subjects experienced large improvements in memory and calmness. The largest dose had the most effect, while lower doses were still effective but less dramatic.

“Scientists used a laboratory model to show that lemon balm binds with cholinergic receptors in human brain tissue of the occipital cortex. Since activity at these receptors is altered in age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, lemon balm extract could offer benefits for individuals experiencing memory loss related to these conditions.

There’s now exciting data to support lemon balm as a cognition-enhancing agent in age-related cognitive decline. Since people suffering from cognitive decline frequently have significant agitation, stress, and anxiety, these benefits may offer hope for those who suffer agitation and anxiety related to progressive dementia.”


Theanine For Stress, Anxiety and Brain Protection

natural stress relief theanineTheanine, which comes from green tea is a powerful stress reliever. While drinking a cup of tea may help, theanine is concentrated to be effective. It is easily absorbed and crosses the “blood-brain barrier”. This enables theanine to quickly reach brain cells.

Theanine has been shown to help with relaxation, increase cognitive function and support overall brain health.

Another powerful stress reliever is green-tea-derived theanine. When swallowed, theanine is readily absorbed and easily crosses the “blood-brain barrier,” allowing it to quickly reach brain cells. Like some other components of tea, theanine has tremendous potential as a cellular protectant. Studies in animals and humans demonstrate theanine’s ability to help promote relaxation, boost cognitive function, and support brain health.

Glutamate toxicity is linked to nervous system damage, which occurs in Alzheimer’s disease. Theanine helps protect brain cells against glutamate toxicity.

Theanine Studies

Theanine vs. Xanax

drugsIn a 2004 studywith 16 healthy volunteers, scientists compared theanine with Xanax (alprazolam). Xanax is a frequently prescribed anti-anxiety drug. Each person received either 1mg of Xanax, 200mg of theanine or a placebo. Then everyone was switched around until they had all received every combination. Scientists then measure anxiety levels before and after an experimentally created state of anxiety.

Theanine was the only one that created a relaxing effect right away. Even more impressive is the fact that 1mg of Xanax is a large dosage and can be potentially habit forming.

Theanine psychological and physiological stress response

In this study, researchers assigned math problems to the participants in order to induce “math anxiety”.  All participants took theanine at the beginning of the test and then when tested again they took theanine halfway through. On the third test, they took a placebo and on the 4th test they did not use anything.

The participants experienced a reduction in heart rate while taking the theanine. The heart rate analysis showed that theanine actually reduced the figh-or-flight response that leads to elevated stress levels.

The problem with Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines, such as Valium (diazepam) and Xanax (alrazolam) are the most common anxiety relief drugs.

While Valium and Xanax are effetive for anxiety, they are also habit forming and can cause significant memory loss. This limits their usability and longer term safety.

Theanine Supports Cognitive Function

brainThere is evidence that theanine may increase cognitive function and keep the mind sharp.

In a 2007 study done by researchers in the US Air Force, subjects performed standard tasks that required their focus and attention. The researchers used EEG to track their brain waves. Subjects showed a significant improvement in alpha brain waves responsible for focusing attention on critical tasks when they took theanine prior to testing.

In a Japanese study, participants who chewed gum with 200 mg of theanine showed an increased brain wave activity in the area responsible for focus and attention. These studies show that theanine can increase attention to vital tasks while helping to block out distractions.

Why Choose Natural Stress Relief?

  • natural stress relief bottleNatural Stress Relief is a formula that contains the proper amounts of both lemon balm and theanine.
  • Stress contributes to anxiety, insomnia and impaired concentration.
  • Many stress and sleep medications have unwanted side effects, such as memory loss and inability to stay awake.
  • Theanine supports relaxation and improved mental clarity.
  • Lemon balm is effective at relieving anxiety and insomnia and improves the ability to learn and retain information.
  • The combination of theanine and lemon balm help maintain cognitive function with age.

You can learn more about the natural stress relief at www.medicalpublications.org/natural-stress-relief/