Protease (Bromelain) – Learn How It Can Help You

Protease – What Is It?

proteaseProtease (from bromelain) is one of many ingredients in Tikva. Protease (Bromelain) is a mixture of enzymes found naturally in the juice and stems of pineapples. Called a proteolytic enzyme, It is believed to help with the digestion of protein.


Protease Health Benefits


Protease is a popular natural digestive aid due to it’s ability to digest proteins. It’s used for bloating, gas and other digestive symptoms and for conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. It is often used alone or in combination with other enzymes such as lipase, which digests fats, and amylase, which digests starch. There is little research, however, on the safety or effectiveness of Protease for digestion.


Protease may help with mild pain associated with osteoarthritis. It’s a common ingredient in nutritional supplements marketed as a natural pain remedy for arthritis. Large, well-designed studies are needed to see if it is effective and to find out about possible side effects.



immunityProteolytic enzymes are extremely important for the digestion of many foods. But their intestinal duties are not solely limited to digesting food. It also helps digest the cell walls of unwanted harmful organisms in the body and break down unwanted wastes such as toxins, cellular debris, and undigested proteins. In this way, it helps digest the small stuff, so that our immune system can work hard to avoid toxin overload.

In this way digestion plays a huge role in overall health, and enzymes are a big part of digestive health. With the distinct ability to breakdown peptide bonds and liberate amino acids, proteolytic enzymes are now being studied by modern science and medicine for their clinical and therapeutic use in the realms of general oncology and overall immune function.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A 2010 U.S. study on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases found that the proteolytic enzyme bromelain could help reduce indications and problems in the colon.

Skin Burns and Stomach Ulcers

A 2010 Brazilian study in “Burns” journal found that intake of protease can help cellular repair in cases of skin burns and stomach ulcers in laboratory mice.


One double blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 30 individuals with chronic neck discomfort found that those patients using a protease enzyme experienced moderate reduction in discomfort when compared to a placebo. Clinical trials show that it can speed the healing time of sprains, bruises, fractures and tissue injuries.

Sports-Related Injuries

Research suggests that protease enzyme combinations may aid in the recovery of sports injuries. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of over 40 people with sports-related injuries found that taking it could offer faster recovery, as well as reducing the time away from practicing sports again by up to 50%. Other research has found that taking protease enzymes could significantly increase recovery time after injury, particularly in cases involving mild fractures.

Beneficial Gut Bacteria

Research shows that protease activities give our cells critical amino acids and are essential for the growth of the good forms of gut flora that break compounds down.

Circulatory and Lymph System

It helps to cleanse organic debris out of our circulatory and lymph system.


Some forms of protease can boost the “quality” of blood cells, allowing a better circulatory response, and reducing the risk of clots.

-Global Healing Center

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