Holiday’s got you stressed?

holiday StressThe holidays can be a time of great joy and laughter, but all too often the preparation for the holidays bring more stress than we know how to deal with.  Between the gifts you have to buy, your finances, office parties, getting your house in order, setting up the decorations, traffic and the most common your family itself.

Many people find that they are under more stress and anxiety at this time of year than any other time.

Why is it important to get your stress under control?

Just this week, I had a friend of mine ask me why his high blood pressure was so high.

He then went on to tell me about all of the different things going on in his life and the Holidays are approaching.

I could see on his face that as he was talking, he was stressed out!

I told him about our natural stress relief product and how I personally take it when my mother comes into town, as it just takes the edge off without making me tired or drowsy.

At this point his wife chimes in and says, “hey our family is coming into town, maybe we should get some of that stuff”.

I thought it was pretty funny as I know that many people can relate.

My wife takes the natural stress relief when she has racing thoughts at night and many of our customers have used it before going into their doctors appointments as it helps to reduce white coat syndrome. But it works great for any stressful situation.

Here is how the natural stress relief works

cholesterolIf your blood pressure is just not down as low as you want it and your stress level is high then let me explain in layman’s terms why your pressure just won’t come all the way down to normal.

Your artery wall has a layer of muscle. The purpose of this muscle is not only to give stability to your artery wall, it is also needed to squeeze the artery each time your heart beats so that it pushes the blood forward throughout your body. When this muscle does not fully relax in-between beats then your blood pressure stays up because the artery is being squeezed too tightly when it shouldn’t be being squeezed at all.

Why does this happen? It is either because your stress level is too high or the muscle is not getting the signal from the messenger molecule nitric oxide to relax.

natural stress relief tiredStress causes your muscles to constrict. This means the muscle squeezes the artery to tightly which narrows the artery and causes high blood pressure.

Many people are what we consider “high stress”. They are in a constant state of being “on the edge”, and whether they know it or not, this causes their muscles to always be a little bit tighter. This puts extra pressure on the arteries from the outside, which makes them have to work harder to relax or widen from the inside.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide enables the arteries to relax or widen, so if you do not have enough nitric oxide or your body is under too much stress, your arteries never get a chance to relax or expand, which causes high blood pressure.

These two factors are so common that it is sad. Tikva is designed to increase nitric oxide production by several means and has some L-theanine to reduce stress.

So if you are taking Tikva, you are increasing your nitric oxide (widening your arteries) and reducing your stress (reducing the muscle tightening).

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