Selenium and CoQ10 To Reduce Cardiovascular Deaths


selenium and CoQ10Selenium and CoQ10 are both responsible for the production and use of energy throughout the body. Recent studies now show that the combination of these two ingredients help protect against tissue-damaging oxidative stress.

In a double-blind placebo-controlled Swedish study, researchers studies 443 healthy adults between the ages of 70-88. These people received either a placebo or a combination of 200mg of CoQ10 and 200mcg of selenium a day.

After a follow up of 5 years, 12.6% of the placebo group had died of cardiovascular disease, while only 5.9% of the people that took the combination of CoQ10 and selenium had died. This is a 6.7% difference, which is quite significant as it actually cuts the death rate in half.

Those taking the nutrients combination had a much better overal cardiac function score and a decrease in their biomarker NT-proBNP (which is a marker for heart failure).

Improve quality of life

good healthMost people when asked will say that they not only want to liver longer, but to live longer healthy.

The combination of CoQ10 and selenium have been shown to beneficially impact both.

During the researchers follow up analysis, they found that while quality of life scores declined across the board, due to age. The decline in those that supplemented with these nutrients was much less than those in the placebo group.

In addition, during the 4 years between the study and the follow up,  those in the supplement group spend 246 less days in the hospital.

Long Term Health Benefits

heart attackAfter 10 years, CoQ10 and selenium were still working to reduce cardiovascular deaths even after the people had stopped taking them.

After 10 years, those taking the supplement had a 49% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular causes such as heart attack, stroke, and congestive heart failure.

This shows that people taking this combination for 5 years, have a much reduced risk of developing heart disease and dying of heart disease. They also will benefit from an increase in their quality of life.

CoQ10 and Selenium Reduce Cardiovascular Mortality

  • CoQ10 has a long history of use in boosting cellular energy levels and making mitochondria more efficient at releasing energy from chemical bonds in molecules from food.
  • Selenium is an essential cofactor for many of the enzymes in our natural cellular free radical scavenging systems.
  • Studies now show that CoQ10 and selenium have effects that help protect against tissue-damaging oxidative stress.
  • A series of new human studies from Europe shows that the combination of CoQ10 and selenium supplements reduce heart disease risk and improve quality of life.

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CoQ10 and Selenium Work Better Together


oxidative stress (rust)The combination of CoQ10 and selenium work together to reduce oxidative stress (similar to rust in your body), which is responsible for accelerating aging and disease.

Oxidative stress is unavoidable as it is created by everyday activities such as breathing and eating.

While we can’t entirely avoid oxidative stress, there are steps we can take to help fight it.

CoQ10 has been shown to reduce oxidative stress, and reduce damage to mitochondria. Mitochondria are necessary for the production of energy in the body. This is most important for your heart which requires a huge amount of energy to function properly.

Unfortunately, CoQ10 levels begin to reduce at age 20 and by age 80, they have reduced by half. This is why supplementing with CoQ10 is strongly recommended as we age.


seleniumSelenium increases the bodies ability to produce and accumulate CoQ10.

Animal studies show that those deficient in selenium only produce about 67% as much CoQ10 as animals that do not have this deficiency.

The combination of CoQ10 and selenium actually work together to make each other more effective. This makes it even more important for aging adults who rapidly become depleted to supplement with these ingredients.

Where can I find these ingredients

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